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Safety is a priority in any building or development – whether that’s to safeguard people, assets or data.

Now, Laidlaw Security Systems offers an integrated approach to building access and security, with its comprehensive range of robust, future-proof products, including the latest Orbis door access control, biometric readers, CCTV and tailgate/people counting devices.

A trusted name among architectural suppliers, Laidlaw has been relaunched as an independent business and is building on its reputation for excellent service with a cost-effective solution for security needs in a wide range of settings – from military buildings to retail environments and residential to educational buildings.

Richard Hill, Business Development Director Security Systems, said: “All too often, responsibility for a building’s CCTV, access control and intruder alarm lies with different companies, which means they are installed without any thought to the benefits of an integrated system.

“It’s far better to combine the building technologies because it simplifies the process, ensures compatibility and provides the maximum protection. Our approach to access control systems demonstrates just how efficient that approach is.

“The beauty of an integrated structure is that it benefits from the latest IP and centrally controlled systems and because we have a team of expert designers, specifiers and installers who look at the needs of the building, you can be assured that the right system is in place to suit the building’s needs.

“It’s not just the team’s technical knowledge that stands out, it’s also our support services, which are second to none.”

Orbis, Laidlaw’s groundbreaking, licence-free software, offers unparalleled features for any access system and includes a range of premium features, such as INVIXIUM biometric readers, alarm processing, card format decoding and device management as standard. In addition, Laidlaw supplies the Orbis door controller, the world’s first native PoE/PoE+ BACnet access control unit.

Its full suite of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers can be integrated into existing identification systems, while the Laidlaw INVIXIUM biometric readers feature Lumidigm multi-spectral fingerprint sensors that maximises performance and return superior quality images.

Laidlaw Security Systems’ audio or video door entry systems are designed to work both independently and as a part of an integrated system with access control and automatic door controls. CCTV monitoring can also be included in any security package.

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