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For the very best indoor entry and access control, customers rely on the knowledge of Laidlaw Security Systems and Videx.

Laidlaw, a trusted supplier to architectural suppliers and contractors, has worked with Videx, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of access control systems, for many years, and together they ensure that they provide customers with the confidence they need when securing their businesses, schools, apartment blocks or homes.

Stuart Griffiths, Laidlaw Security Systems’ UK Sales Director, said that it continues to be impressed with Videx products because they offer both premium and off-the-shelf audio and video systems and flexible versions that can be customised to meet any specification.

Quality is assured, too, with its vandal resistant door panels being accredited by Secured By Design, the official UK Police flagship initiative that combines the principles of “designing out crime” with physical security.

“Wired systems are still the mainstream choice for larger installations,” said Stuart. “We work with Videx because it is important for our customers to choose a flexible system that will meet their needs. Its systems are also modular, which means we can offer a huge number of combinations.

“We choose our partners very carefully and Videx stands out as a market leader, not just for its innovative and robust systems, but also because of the excellent support it provides. These are vital considerations for our customers, who rightly expect the very best, reliable service.”

Videx’s extensive range of products enables Laidlaw Security Systems to cater for all applications – from simple to complex setups, while its special projects and technical support teams provide essential back up when required.

The VR4K Vandal Resistant Entry is a modular vandal resistant door panel with a die-cast frame and stainless steel faceplates. It is extremely robust, making it particularly suitable for schools, housing association properties and public buildings. The VR120 is another vandal resistant panel available in 316-grade stainless steel or VRP-coated black finish.

Laidlaw is also proud to supply the Videx 4000 & 8000 Series Modular Door Entry system, which allows customers to customise the outdoor station to suit the application. A series of modules are assembled into supporting frames which can be flush or surface mounted.

The VR Digital Vandal Resistant Entry is ideal for premises with more than 20 apartments or offices, while the 4212 Digital Vandal Resistant Entry model has a 128 x 64-pixel graphical LCD display, which provides clear visual messages.

Laidlaw also supplies the latest range of Videx high-specification videophones and video monitors, which can be combined with any Videx entry panels. The Kristallo Video Monitors and Videophones are available with 3.5” or 7” colour LCD TFT display with On-Screen-Display (OSD), call progress information and programming menus.

The 6300, 6400 and 6700 Series Video Monitors are low-cost options that are available with 3.5”, 4.3” or 7” high-resolution colour LCD screens.

Following recommendations from housing associations and local authorities, Laidlaw also supplies the Videx 3176 telephone from the 3000 Series, which integrates a large lock release button that is separate from the privacy switch button. Customers can also choose from an extensive range of modern telephone handsets.

The VX2200 system, which is accredited by Secured by Design, is another popular choice for both private and public sector premises because it is a flexible system suitable for individual properties up to large blocks with multiple entrances. This system also accommodates concierge facilities.

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