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As a market leader of premium bespoke handrails and balustrade systems, Laidlaw is a trusted name among architectural suppliers.

Now relaunched as an independent business, Laidlaw continues to build on its reputation for providing the most comprehensive package of standards-compliant products in the business, ensuring outstanding quality and service at all times.

Chairman Steve Lee said: “The value of a handrail and balustrade may only account for 0.6% of a building project but it is a crucial aspect of any development because it enhances the visual appeal and has a real impact on a building’s accessibility.

“Choosing a Laidlaw handrail and balustrade is a guaranteed hallmark of quality and unlike many other providers, we can provide a complete package, from initial site survey to installation. “We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and superb support services, which enables us to provide an end-to-end service, and we know from experience how reassuring this one-stop service is for specifiers, procurement managers and architects.”

There are five handrail and balustrade systems to choose from – Laidlaw Nylon Line, Laidlaw Timber Line, Laidlaw Stainless Line, Laidlaw Combi Line, and Laidlaw Structural Glass. All are designed and manufactured to ultra-precise standards using high grade materials that comply with the necessary building regulations and British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility. Customers can also match corporate colours and attain bespoke design options.

Laidlaw Stainless Line and Combi Line are suitable for most market sectors, including residential, healthcare, education, commercial, transport and retail. The Stainless Line comprises stainless steel with a satin polished 320 grit finish and is suitable for 0.74kN/m, 1.5kN/m and is the only certified 3.0kN/m post and rail balustrade system on the market. It is easy to clean and is ideal for high-use areas.

The Laidlaw Combi Line combines the structural stability of stainless steel uprights with 40mm diameter nylon handrails that feature a 4mm solid Polyamide sleeve over a galvanised steel core for comfort. Laidlaw Nylon Line comprises 4mm Polyamide (PA) sleeve on a galvanised core and conforms to BS8300 and is suitable for 0.74kN/m category loading. It is highly fracture resistant, and has high strength and thermal stability – approximately 68 times warmer to the touch than stainless steel. In addition, it is very highly resistant to abrasion.

Laidlaw Structural Glass offers high levels of safety and simple lines, manufactured from structural toughened glass with stainless steel or timber capping and handrail, it enables specifiers the chance to create a continuous glass structure. Structural glass is suitable for all loading categories.

Suitable for 0.74kN/m category loading, the Laidlaw Timber Line combines timber handrails with stainless steel or nylon supports and connectors, offering strength and aesthetic appeal, as well as the warmth of timber.

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