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Fire doors are often the first line of defence in a fire potentially, saving lives. As such the importance of fire doors cannot be underestimated. There are about 3 million new fire doors bought and installed every year in the UK and Fire Door Safety Week provides an ideal platform to remind responsible individuals of the legal requirements, correct installation instructions and maintenance suggestions.

If fire doors have been incorrectly specified, maintained or managed it could seriously limit their effectiveness in an emergency. This campaign aims to engage and educate building owners and users on how to use fire doors correctly.

There are various components which are critical to the performance of the fire door. As a result, you should ensure that this hardware, which includes door closers, locks and hinges, is CE Marked. This will ensure the door complies with Approved Document Part B of the Building Regulations. The first port of call for checking the safety of fire doors should be to take a look at the certification of the door to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Once a fire door has been fitted there are various things that all those living or working in the vicinity can watch out for:

  • Fire doors that are wedged open
  • Fire doors that do not close properly
  • Incorrect signage

If a passerby notices any of these scenarios, we urge them not to just walk by but instead report it to whoever manages the building.

We are encouraging people to take a look at the 5 step fire door check provided on the Fire Door Safety Week website. Taking the advice here and reporting any faulty fire doors could save lives.

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