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With safety forming a fundamental part of any railway station’s fixtures and fittings, Laidlaw’s handrails and balustrades nylon range is ideal. The handpicked range meets the high traffic demands of transport hubs – from an aesthetic, durability and safety point of view.

It is a recognisable fact that train stations are one of the busiest public environments, which is exactly why the durability of Laidlaw’s nylon handrails and balustrades range is perfect for surroundings like these. Its 4mm thick nylon sleeve is coloured throughout, making it resistant from chipping and scratching, extending the product’s life cycle to remain visually attractive throughout the life of the building.

The nylon material is also best suited for external handrails and balustrades complying with Part M of the building regulations – the nylon has a stable coefficient of heat so it will not be cold to touch, an important performance characteristic which makes this range suitable for all users.
Tactile markers can also be incorporated into the handrails to help indicate the first and last risers on a staircase for those with visual impairments – crucial for train stations with footbridges.

Furthermore, the nylon handrails and balustrades range comes in 11 standard colours which includes Network Rails approved Yellow – all of Laidlaw’s rail offerings are in accordance with the Network Rail DDA Step Free programme – ‘Stations outline specification January 2009’.

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