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Installing a balustrade for a balcony or terrace can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetic appeal of any building. But it’s not just there to look good; it’s also a vital safety feature.

Laidlaw is a market leader of premium bespoke handrail and balustrade systems and can help you to make the best choice for your project, whether it’s a single balcony to enhance a private dwelling or multiple installations in multi-purpose buildings.

We offer an extensive range of options, all of which comply with all necessary Building Regulation requirements and British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility. And a complete service means Laidlaw experts can help with every aspect – from site survey and design through to installation.

When you select a Laidlaw balustrade we guarantee that they are:

  • Height compliant
  • Non-climbable
  • Designed with the minimum required load – our products are available up to 3Kn loading and with appropriate wind loadings
  • Factory finished to very high standards and tailored to your project with no on-site welding.

Lee Thompson, Projects Manager at Laidlaw, said: “There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right balustrade. You need to think of the natural light levels, how it will impact on the view from the inside of the building and what it will look like from the road. Even the environment in which it will be installed is important – coastal areas, for example, require materials that are more suitable for harsh environments. Our expert team is well placed to provide the very best advice on all aspects.”

Laidlaw’s structural glass balustrades enable unhindered views and allow natural light to seep into buildings.

Made of toughened glass, these modern-looking balustrades are effortlessly stylish and can also be designed to create the effect of floating glass. While we recommend a handrail or capping rail, this is not essential if you choose laminated glass.

Our classic post and rail systems combine strength and refinement. External balustrades are available in stainless steel or coloured nylon, which is less cold to the touch, making it more user-friendly in buildings that are used by the general public. Whichever post and rail system you choose, Laidlaw offers glass and a variety of metal infills, including slatted metal infills – a new product for 2017.

Laidlaw also offers a range of glass options, including anti-sun or tinted float glass, and we can also change the level of transparency through sandblasting, acid etching, decals and coloured interlayers if greater levels of privacy are required.

For more information on Laidlaw’s balustrade systems please visit our website.


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