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There are many providers of good handrails and balustrades systems and it can be hard to choose when comparing glossy photos in a brochure or on-line.

A good giveaway is the way in which a supplier has designed the handrail around the more complicated areas such as the landings of the stair or where a handrail needs to step up and change direction sharply. Has every effort been made to ensure that the handrail is continuous, user-friendly and keeps clear-distance for the fingers? Does the quality in these difficult areas match others parts of the stair?

If you require a handrail & balustrade system to be something more than just compliant and ‘fit for purpose’ then you must ensure all of the above is done as a minimum. A quality system should feel custom built for the area without being made to fit on-site. In short, it should be designed to fit perfectly.

Laidlaw are suppliers of factory finished handrail and balustrade systems which require no on-site welding and are of a high quality throughout. Laidlaw’s post and rail systems do not feature any mitred corners always preferring seamless radiussed bends and returns.

Forming radiuses, flow-drilling and precision cutting in the factory ensures its quality and elevates a handrail system from those who are choosing to cut, mitre, weld and polish on-site. Other positives of working in this way are speed and noise reduction, with more time spent off-site: installations are quicker with less mess and disruption for the site.

These positives are achieved by conducting site surveys and producing production drawings when the building is still just a shell. Working closely with the Contractor and Architect through the design stage, ensures the handrail and balustrades can be formed off-site in a factory environment.

It is these subtle but crucial qualities that make Laidlaw handrail & balustrades stand apart from what has become a very crowded market. Ensuring high quality, robustness and conformity from the first step to the last rise is something Laidlaw aim to achieve as standard.

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