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Accessibility – Vision Panels

Vision Panel Sizes and Positions (Doc M and BS 8300)

Door leaves and side panels that are in excess of 450mm wide must be provided with viewing panels giving a zone of visibility between 500mm and 1500mm from floor level (as illustrated on the right). The vision panel may be a single panel or may be interrupted between 800mm and 1150mm to accommodate a horizontal mid rail if necessary.

The requirement applies to all entrance doors and to those internal doors where vision is appropriate. Vision panels may be reduced in size or omitted on internal doors where privacy, light control or security is a requirement on sanitary accommodation, changing rooms or cinemas and auditoria for example.

Please note, where single swing double doorsets with unequal leaves are used across a 1500mm wide corridor, the smaller leaf will be in excess of 450mm and so vision panels will be required. In practice, vision panel options are determined and may come into conflict with current fire certification. To aid visibility for ambulant users we recommend extended vision panels above the 1500mm height.

Multiple panel options may have an accumulated interruption in the visibility zone of 350mm maximum
(X + X + X ≤ 350mm)

Accessibility - Vision Panels