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Accessibility – Ironmongery

Ironmongery Size and Location (BS 8300)

In the 2009 revision of BS 8300 there were a number of revisions which have extended the scope for different pull handle and lever handle designs. The standard includes some specific recommendations on fixing/mounting positions as shown opposite. Unless instructed otherwise, all Orbis Timber Doorsets will be prepared for hardware using these positional parameters.

The additional horizontal rail [A] can be used on non-self-closing doors to assist wheelchair users in closing the door behind them.

Accessibility - Ironmongery

Colour and Contrast (BS 8300:2009)

The standard incorporates guidance on the use of visual contrast to aid partially sighted users. In respect of doorsets the implications are:

– Visual contrast between the doorset and the surrounding structures (wall/floor/ceiling)
– Visual contrast which highlights the door edge when the door is ajar (must cover min. 60% of the door thickness )
– Visual contrast between the door faces and the operating hardware

The degree of contrast in these matters is the subject of much change within the standard since its first introduction. Through research and testing a figure of 15 points of difference has now been agreed as being satisfactory [this is a measurement of Light Reflective Value (LRV) arranged on a scale of 0 – 100 where a pure white surface will have a theoretical LRV of 100]

Colour and Contrast Solutions

Door edges can be highlighted in several ways. Laidlaw recommends the use of contrasting door lippings for veneered or laminated doors. Alternatives include contrasting intumescent seals or a contrasting self-adhesive strip on the door edge.

Door ironmongery can be contrasted in several ways depending on the door finish/colour. In most cases, our standard ironmongery packages available in either aluminium or stainless steel provide adequate visual contrast figures. However, for particularly sensitive areas our coloured nylon hardware provides ample opportunity to maximise contrast (see below).

Using a Photospectrometer we are able to measure specific LRV values against any of our door finishes.