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Culyers Yard, situated in the heart of Brentwood Town Centre, consists of 13 luxury one and two bedroom apartments. Six of the apartments have the added benefit of a balcony, giving the properties identity and additional living space. The development also contains one 4,000 sq ft commercial unit.

Laidlaw specified and fitted all six structural glass, inset balconies to the development, with a specialised, square, stainless steel top rail. The solution provides uninterrupted views of the surroundings with a sleek finish, whilst providing the ultimate level of safety to residents.

The Solution

The hybrid system was used for this project, a structural glass balustrade with 43mm aluminium base shoes, making them barely visible. The balustrade was supplied with 15mm thick clear toughened float glass, overall a clean and contemporary choice

We recommend this system if the balcony is under 2.6 meters wide and set 1100mm above finished floor level, as the system will not require uprights at this size. This makes for a very cost-effective solution for smaller applications.

Structural glass balustrades usually require fixing grounds, which were not available at Culyers Yard due to the balcony structure being made of timber. The hybrid system, was ideal for this scenario as the strength comes from the top rail making it an excellent solution for where fixing grounds are not available.

How Laidlaw Helped

The balconies and walls were made of timber and the surrounding walls rendered or clad. With little fixing grounds in the design, Laidlaw was able to advise at an early stage what the client, and contractor needed to do in order for the balconies to support a structural glass balustrade. We changed the original plans to offer a more cost-effective solution that was able to achieve the desired effect that the client wanted. As a result, steel was added to the walls, hidden behind the render, thus not changing the aesthetics of the building.

The Laidlaw Team

Lee Thompson

Technical Balustrade Sales Executive

Adrian Flavell

Installations Manager

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