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Laidlaw offers a range of cylinder solutions according to the type of cylinder required, the need for master keying and the level of security required. Additional functions can be incorporated within the cylinder to increase security or safety, or to provide specific applications dependant on the environment.

A few simple factors should be considered when considering locking cylinders:

  • The level of physical security required
  • The security or convenience of key duplication
  • The style and length of cylinders required
  • Choice of cylinder functionality:
    • Standard
    • Classroom
    • Anti-barricade
    • and other featured
  • Whether master keying is required

What is Master Keying?

It can sometimes be impractical to have a different cylinder for every door, creating potentially hundreds of keys for the main keyholder to be responsible for.

Master keying is a means by which an organisation can control who has access to which doors, through the careful design and organisation of the key profiles and pin arrangement of the cylinders within the system. A hierarchy can be developed to allow access to individual doors, groups of doors, all the doors on one floor or ultimately all of the doors.

Master key Example 1

A simple master keyed system is ideal for a block of apartments in which each occupant is issued with a single key to pass their own apartment door, plus all the communal doors such as the main entrance door, bin store, garage and laundry. The master key is held by the building manager/superintendent.

Master key Example 2

More complex applications where different groups of individuals require access to more specific groups of doors. Cylinder systems capable of such complexity can be set up with zones controlled by sub-master keys with levels above them of master keys and grand master keys.

Why Choose Laidlaw?



Our technical team can support in drawing up complex suiting requirements specific to each individual project



Laidlaw has a dedicated team of locking experts who have over 200 years of combined experience in cylinder locking



The Laidlaw team package each cylinder with a door label to make installation easier

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