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Situated in the London borough of Lambeth, St Gabriel’s college has recently completed a new building development courtesy of the Education Funding Agency’s Priority Schools Building Programme. The new three-storey, 750-place secondary school will house improved creative arts and drama facilities as well as a new three-court sports hall.

During the construction of the site, Laidlaw was approached to find a cylinder solution for the new building. The needs of the project were to include a master key system, ensuring only authorised key duplication takes place through the manufacturers as well as classroom functions on various doors.

The Solution

Laidlaw found a solution that achieved all of the project’s aims and provided 210 Orbis cylinders across the new school site, all with a satin nickel finish.

Master keying was an important function for the system which allowed several cylinder locks to open using the same key. For this project, Laidlaw set-up sub-suite systems within the college, this means that defined areas have one key that opens all doors within that area. This restricts access to defined areas yet limits the number of keys needed per person.

In addition, it was important for teaching areas to have a classroom function whereby the cylinder can be locked from the outside to prevent unauthorised entry, however, the door can always be opened from the inside. In addition, the door can never be locked from the inside, making this the perfect solution for classroom situations. Laidlaw was also able to amend the handing of the classroom function on-site, allowing for changes if needed.

How Laidlaw Helped

To help ensure ease of installation, Laidlaw packed the cylinders individually which were clearly labelled with the door’s number, therefore reducing the risk of potential confusion and aiding a smooth installation.

Protection against unauthorised key duplication was essential for this project, Laidlaw suggested the Orbis 600 patented protection key system should be used. Due to its patented technology, the system protects against any unauthorised key duplication, whilst authorised key duplication is possible through Laidlaw. This adds a high level of security with the convenience of easy duplication if necessary.

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