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Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, North London underwent a £150 million redevelopment which saw the construction of a new five-storey acute hospital. The new hospital contains an urgent care centre, an inpatient centre, eight theatres, a day surgery, outpatient ambulatory care zone, imaging, diagnostics and supporting facilities.

Laidlaw was specified to provide two master key solutions, one for the riser doors and one for internal doors.

The Solution

The first master key solution was a non-patented system for the riser doors, which were mostly internal, using 300 cylinders from the Orbis 500 range. Keeping the number of keys to a minimum was one of the main objectives of this solution, the client requested that only one key is required to access all riser doors. Laidlaw met with the client to look at key suiting options, ensuring the best solution was agreed upon by all parties. A suited master keyed system was supplied, providing ease of access to all riser doors using only one key. In addition, keys for the cylinders can be cut locally with no restriction on key duplication for convenience.

A patented system was used for the remaining internal, and some external doors using 196 cylinders from the Orbis 600 range. Controlling key users and their access to certain doors as well as restricting key duplication were essential to this solution. Laidlaw discussed suiting solutions with the client and held site visits to ensure the right system was implemented. As a result, a complex master keyed system was set-up and suited by Laidlaw. To ensure the ultimate levels of safety and security, Orbis 600 patented protection key systems were used, which provide protection against unauthorised key duplication. Keys are requested through Laidlaw and cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

All cylinders supplied by Laidlaw on the Chase Farm project were Orbis cylinders with a satin nickel finish.

How Laidlaw Helped

Laidlaw attended on-site meetings and conducted a full assessment of the client’s needs for both solutions within this project. The team explored all suiting possibilities, ensuring that the chosen solution worked seamlessly for end users and provided the levels of security, flexibility and ease of use needed.

To ensure a smooth installation process, Laidlaw individually packaged and labelled the Orbis 600 patented master keyed cylinders. This means on-site installers can easily see which cylinder should be used for which door, a value-added service which ensures the project completes smoothly without error.

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