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where high performance meets innovative design.

Laidlaw's Architectural Ironmongery range unites outstanding aesthetics with flexibility. This enables you to specify for any application across all sectors. Whatever your needs our extensive product range and expertise can help you meet them.
Quality design. Quality build. Quality finish.
All our architectural ironmongery is precision engineered and therefore manufactured to the highest standards. In addition each product is tested to British and European standards which means you benefit from longer warranty periods and evidence of professional specification, giving you peace of mind that our solutions are durable and fit for purpose.

Under these standards ironmongery products are tested and classified to demonstrate their compliance. A numeric code is visible on individual products, with each digit representing a category and how the product has been measured against the tested standard.

We combine rigorous testing and intelligent manufacturing to ensure you can rely on the performance of our solutions. We also offer hard wearing finishes that are resistant to corrosion and scratches so that the aesthetic of your project isn’t compromised. 

Design & Build
Design is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with you to make sure the architectural ironmongery solutions we develop play a vital part in successfully delivering your design vision. That’s why most of our products are made to order by us in Britain and complement our other ‘sourced in’ ratings. Not only does this allow us to control the manufacturing process, it means we can provide a variety of tailor made solutions for multiple applications and building types.

Our wide range of finishes enables us to offer a complete end-to-end architectural ironmongery solution. We manufacture products that combine functionality and performance which means you can choose a style that marries seamlessly with your project’s design and also provides the necessary technical performance.
Laidlaw by design bespoke service - manufactured by us but designed by you, for your projects.
Our bespoke service gives all architects the opportunity to add the finishing detail to their design. From your initial sketches, we will produce a CAD model and, using our 3D printer, a full-size model for evaluation prior to manufacture using high-quality materials and hand finishing.

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