Locking Cylinders

Laidlaw Orbis cylinders offer a range of solutions according to the type of cylinder required, the need for masterkeying and the level of security required for the specific application.

Orbis 900 Cylinders

Orbis 900 cylinders are the ultimate convenience solution for masterkey systems. This makes them ideal for large complex commercial applications. The Orbis 900 range is ideal for use in many areas. This includes commercial offices, schools, healthcare and public buildings.

Orbis 600 Cylinders

Orbis 600 is a new patented range of high quality cylinders. They have the highest level of certified testing for both durability and key related security. A patented 6 pin key system with a comprehensive range of cylinder lengths in both offset and symmetrical cylinder types along with matching plug and cylinder finishes. Drill and pick protection as standard, with a minimum of six drill resistant pins and para-centric key profiles.

Orbis 500 Cylinders

Orbis 500 cylinders are a flexible and highly versatile range of cylinders. They combine good levels of security with convenience. It is an ideal system for use in many medium security applications. In all keyed cylinder systems, the balance between key control and the convenience of key duplication is an important consideration.

Masterkeying is the means by which an organisation can control who has access to which doors. This is done through the careful design and organisation of the key profiles and pin arrangement of the cylinders within the system. In many larger buildings it would be impractical to provide a different cylinder for each door. This can be the case for buildings such as Universities or hospitals. With masterkeying, a hierarchy of keys can be developed. This allows access to single or groups of doors or all the doors within a building or campus. 

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